The nodes communicate wirelessly among themselves, and with the central Gateway, to send and receive monitoring and control data. The distance between nodes must be under 3 KM (1.8 Miles) line of sight between each other, creating mesh networks.



Local Area Network coordinator. Each project or system requires one. It communicates with the nodes by RF communications and with the central servers through GPRS, Ethernet or Satellite communications. It can also monitor and control as a normal Node.



Electronic equipment for monitoring and/or control. 5 expansion boards can be connected to each node.


Expansion Boards - Sensors and Actuators

Multiple sensors and actuators can be connected to the nodes or gateways. A large % of sensors in the market can be connected to the expansion board.

Pump House Expansion Board

Special expansion board with multiple inputs and outputs designed for the irrigation system, in the pump house.

Manual Control:

  • Man-Off-Auto Selector
  • 20 Switchs or discrete inputs

Pump Control:

  • 20 Discrete Inputs
  • 20 Relay Outputs (60VA max)
  • 4 4-20mA Inputs for sensores


There are a number of accessories which may be detailed by email. This includes sensors, antennas, special housings, modems, etc.

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