WiseConn was founded in 2006, in Viña del Mar, Chile, to develop and offer hi tech solutions with wireless technology. Today it is a leading company in wireless solutions for water administration.

During the past years, 5 product lines have been deployed, helping save water and improve efficiency in systems that use large amount of water. The main products, Dropcontrol (agriculture), Wiseflow (water distribution) and Wiseflux (heap leaching in mining) are being used by hundreds of clients in their process. This experience, combined with years of R&D, have led to the last version the application Dropcontrol, integrating functionality, robust performance, and state of the art technology.

Dropcontrol development began in 2009, with the support of Innova Chile - Corfo , completing 27 months of work for its first version, which is actually being used by big agriculture players, which deliver feedback for constant improvements and upgrades.

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