July 10, 2018

Field Settings, Alerts in DropControl and other improvements

At WiseConn we work every day to add the features that our customers require most.

One of these has been the configuration of alerts for sector sensors. Although it has been possible for some time to create by requesting them from our support help desk, now we have transferred them directly to DropControl, allowing the same users to configure, enable and select them by means of which they want to be notified: SMS, e-mail or phone call. You can also check the history in the Alarms / Alerts section.

In the same way, we have added the possibility to modify the area of irrigation zones, a fundamental element for the correct calculation of irrigation precipitation.

With the purpose of understanding with confidence what happens in each irrigation and how the equipment of house and terrain behave, we have extended the tab of the real risks showing a graph with the information of Flow and Pressure, associated to the time in which occurred the execution of this irrigation. In this way, the necessary information for your analysis and review of risks will be even easier.

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